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The Oswego County Conservative Committee

The Oswego County Conservative Committee was organized for the purpose of supporting and electing to public office candidates nominated by the Conservative Party, of engaging in political action for the promotion of the principles and policies of the Conservative Party, and of coordinating the activities of the Conservative Party within the county.


The County Committee is constituted by the election, biennially, of two members from each election district within the county.


 The County Committee, at its organizing meeting, elects the following officers: Chairman, Executive Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice Chairmen. In addition there may be two members At-Large.


The Officers and Executive Committee of the

Oswego County Conservative Committee:


Ronald Greenleaf, Chairman

Patricia Heath, Secretary

Silvan Johnson,Treasurer

Robert Heath, Executive Vice-Chair

 Jeff Wallace,Vice Chairman

 Joseph Lupa, Vice Chairman

Robert Morrow,Vice Chairman

David Ritchie,Vice Chairman

Delores Ahart, Vice Chairman

Kellie Greene, Vice Chairman At Large

Thomas Kenyon, Vice Chairman At Large

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